September 25, 2022

How Human Asset Management Software Enhances Business Workflow?

Skillful and businesslike manpower play a vital role in determining the success of any organization. The leading human resource software assists companies to develop and retain their workforce to accomplish the desired business goals. 

There are many human asset administration software such as OASYS that help you revolutionise your HR & payroll processes. The most valuable asset of any company is its staff. Staff management is the key for the company to reach greater heights. 

Human Asset Management Software

Human asset administration software is a blend of information technology and HR system, with the ability to handle to manipulate the personal data of the staff, the system is divided into three parts:-

  • Salary Management

Salary Management includes Employee profile, Attendance, Leave Management, Loan and Advance, User Expense, Payroll Management, Accrual, Full and final settlement, reports.

  • ESS (Employee Self Service)

Employee Self Service Management is among the flagship features of HRM software, it enables the employees to manage many job related functions, such as Leave Management, Letter Management, Employee profile, User Expense, Loan management, Performance evaluation, Appraisal, Recruitment, and Training.

  • Dashboard

Human asset administration software provides a user friendly, easily customized and real time Dashboard unfurling all the features of HRMS on a single platform. The Dashboard handles employee information, last three month Salary, loan management, ESS (Employee Self Service) records and bulk ESS mailing.

These are the three ways HRs can handle personal data of staff. Human resource management system is all about building, developing and promoting industrial democracy to defend the interests of both management and its employees.